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The Angry Corrie – Scotland’s first, and greatest hillwalking fanzine

You can find The Angry Corrie at

The Angry Corrie - Scotland's Hillwalking Fanzine

Dave Hewitt seems to be the main man there, and the enigmatic Perkin Warbeck a quiet, understated presence in the engine room of “Corrie” production. 

TAC, as the magazine is known, is published through what the editors call the TACit Press. Dave’s book on “Walking the (Scottish – of which more anon) Watershed” is also published through here.

A flavour of the editors can be had via the following policy statement reproduced from their website:

Policy: TAC operates copyleft – all material reusable as long as it’s not for profit.

TAC, 4, 6, 16, 19, 24, 41-47, 49-54, 56-60, 62-68 are available from above address. The rest are all gone. £1 each inc p&p, £3 for three to ten, £5 eleven plus.
All letters and email considered for publication unless otherwise stated. The editors’ views bear little or no relation to those of anyone else, and least of all to each other’s.

Subscribe to The Angry Corrie and get the real thing, instead of this virtual version. Subscriptions only 9 pounds for 6 hot-off-the-press copies. Address as above. Cheques payable to The Angry Corrie.”

The final statement, regarding getting a nice hard copy of the magazine, instead of the virtual version placed, copyleft, on the website is where RunnerHeader comes in. As you can see various issues are going out of stock, and so cannot be had anymore. TAC is now about to produce its 71st issue and, to celebrate, RunnerHeader and TAC are going to collaborate to produce a celebratory anthology, to paraphrase another best selling Scottish author, called “TAC – The First 50”


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